Best Online Magazines Of All Time

To create the finest digital magazine, all you have to do is look at what the greatest digital magazines can do and learn from the things they’re doing right while avoiding the ones they’re doing incorrectly. When it comes to selecting inspiring and interesting creative materials, publications aren’t often the first thing that comes to mind. Here are eight of the greatest digital magazines to get you started:

1. Vogue

Vogue is one of the most well-known and important magazines in the world for a reason.

Not to resurrect the print vs. digital magazine debate (again), but unlike most fashion publications, Vogue maintains its identity by making its publication available digitally. They have a significant web presence while also maintaining a print publication.

Although Vogue is most renowned for its fashion and beauty coverage, it has also published pieces and editorials that address political and social topics. Who knows why they’ve looked into these things in the first place? However, I believe this is one of the reasons they remain important today. Vogue isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to fashion. They change in step with modern society.

The Apple App Store, Nook, and Kindle Fire are just a few of the platforms where Vogue’s digital magazines may be found. Although it’s a shame that their app is only available in the United States and not on the Google Play Store, especially because their readers are located all over the world.

2. National Geographic

As one of the most well-known names and businesses in the world, it appears like National Geographic is in a class by itself, with no real competition.

Using images in publications was frowned upon at the time, and readers preferred graphics or plain text. National Geographic, commonly known as NatGeo, was one of the first magazines to include photographs in its publications, if not the first.

Despite initial industry scepticism, the public’s enthusiasm for photojournalism proved NatGeo correct. They are now known for their distinct standards and aesthetics for photojournalism, which is unsurprising.

Digital magazines from NatGeo are available on most digital platforms, as well as on their website. Their app features a clean, original design that loads quickly. You’ll be able to customise it.

Each article is available to read immediately, making it easy to select the ones that are of interest to you. You can also look through photographs and videos.

What National Geographic Can Teach You

Choose a font that makes reading your post as simple as possible. Link your articles to additional relevant/similar internal information where necessary to keep your audience engaged.

Make sure to incorporate high-quality photographs and videos in your magazine to pique readers’ interest and make your material more appealing and interesting.

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3. The Atlantic

The Atlantic, which began as a small literary and cultural criticism magazine in 1857, has grown to become one of the publishing industry’s heavyweights.

Their website covers a wide range of issues daily, including breaking news, politics, education, technology, health, science, and culture.

The Atlantic is available on the Apple App Store as an app. It can also be found on Google News, Kindle, and Nook. Their iOS app has a nice design and is simple to use. It also has some of the best technical writing.

Their magazine’s content is easily shared and may be sorted into thematic areas.

What The Atlantic Can Teach You

Categorizing your issues by topic can be extremely useful for your readers, especially if your magazine covers a wide range of themes.

Allowing your readers to effortlessly share your posts will help you receive more visibility in today’s hyper-connected environment (and more readers).

4. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is one of the most popular publications for music and political reporting, and it is not to be missed. When they began to include popular culture (while the music remains their primary focus), there was criticism that the magazine prioritised style above substance.

We feel, however, that they simply adjust to the ever-changing artistic, cultural, and political environments.

Their software offers a simple but functional design. They make their articles responsive rather than having static pages where you have to pinch in and zoom in every time you want to read. It will resize to the size of your phone’s screen, and you may read longer articles by scrolling down.

You may also adjust the font sizes, go into ‘night mode,’ and bookmark pages inside the articles.

What Rolling Stones Can Teach You

Provide as many reading options as possible so that your viewers may feel at ease while reading your content. The more at ease you can make them feel, the longer they will remain in your magazine and the more involved they will become.

Always choose responsive content over static print-like sites. Even though the content is the same, generating digital magazines necessitates adapting to digital elements to provide a better customer experience.


Who would have guessed that, during all the turmoil that has engulfed Greece in recent years, an arts magazine would thrive spectacularly?

YannisSpanoudis, a Kroma employee, was already well-known in the development and design of print media, both in Greece and abroad. As a result, the introduction of Kroma was one of the most anticipated. They didn’t vanish, of course.

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have their app. They have achieved the titles of Best App, Best Mobile Edition, and Best Smartphone/Tablet Magazine for the past three years in a row.

They always include stunning graphics and photography (as an art magazine should, duh), as well as a responsive layout, which makes their digital magazine even better.

KROMA Has a Lot to Teach You

Don’t scrimp on your magazine’s style! Yes, content is crucial, but a beautiful design will draw in more readers and increase interaction.

6. Kinfolk

If you’ve spent the last 5 years on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a definite aesthetic trend that people strive towards.

It was all Kinfolk’s fault.We’d also want to point out that there was a time when you couldn’t look at your Instagram flow without even seeing Kinfolk’s magazine coupled with a cup of coffee.

What is it about Kinfolk, dubbed “the Martha Stewart of Portland set,” that is so potent that it has become one of the most important forces in the current design world?

Unfortunately, Kinfolk’s digital magazine is only available on their website for now. Their website is mobile-friendly, but the lack of native mobile applications for their magazine feels like a huge oversight.

Kinfolk Has a Lot to Teach You

Create a solid brand. Rather than following a trend, attempt to come up with an original magazine concept. Make sure your publication offers something unique.

7. Harvard Business Review

With a name like Harvard Business Review and the name of one of the top schools in the world, it’s difficult not to be intrigued.

The publication calls itself a “magazine for decision-makers” since it focuses on broad management topics that concern corporate executives. If you’ve ever asked someone who works in an American corporation what they recommend reading, they’ll probably point you in this direction.

The Harvard Business Review applications are accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store across the world.

Their material is organized by article, so instead of flipping through the entire issue. You may go straight to the ones that interest you.

They also have a tool that allows you to immediately screenshot their articles. Which we like, as well as the option to effortlessly share their content.

What the Harvard Business Review Can Teach You

Be the expert on the topics covered in your magazine. When asked for references, even specialists will refer to your magazine. If the content is always of good quality (and factual).

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8. Forbes

There must be something Forbes is doing right for a magazine to be able to thrive for almost a century, right?

The magazine’s primary concentration is on money, investment, and marketing. Forbes, on the other hand, appears to be most renowned for its lists and rankings. Such as 30 Under 30 and The World’s Billionaires (which we admit we enjoy skimming through).

Forbes applications allow you to download the issue as PDF so you can read it later offline, which is amazing. You may also change the view from PDF to text to make it simpler to read the material.

Forbes Has a Lot to Teach You

It’s always a good idea to let your readers download your issue to their phone. So they can read it later when they have more time. Right now, not everyone has the time to read publications.

Finally, some thoughts

It might be difficult and complex to start a digital magazine. We understand how daunting it might be, but don’t let that deter you!

Take your time to research the advantages and disadvantages of the greatest digital magazines available. You’ll be able to create a digital magazine that your target readers will enjoy and subscribe to if you do so.