WOW Cable Packages

WOW cable packages with best cable TV deals. All you need to know about best and amazing WOWWAY internet and TV packages and activation in just single click. Did you always have a bad TV experience? Do you often miss your favorite movies and TV shows? It’s time to indulge yourself with an amazing cable service of WOWway cable packages enabling users to enjoy watching TV. The entertainment experience will get better and amazing with WOWway cable packages. It will surely add digital vibrancy to life with feature-rich plans and bundles. The service offers different cable plans on the Midwest and western markets due to which their American Customers Satisfaction Index rate is high as compared to other cable companies. WOW is well known for offering high-end Cable TV packages.

WOW Cable Packages

Enjoy seamless TV with WOW Cable Packages

The Wow customers face an overwhelming situation when they have to select internet or TV/ phone/internet package. The sports fans, daily viewers of TV, and various families prefer to subscribe to conventional Cable packages enabling them to save money instead of paying for a la carte streaming services. Students, renters, or people who do not watch TV prefer to subscribe to internet plans. Although cable packages are good and their bundle deals are reliable for the customers who watch sports or TV.

The service of WOW is widely available in the USA west and also covers Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and other 7 states.

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Wow is a renowned regional broadband service offering TV or cable, internet, and phone plans to subscribers. There are more than 900,000 customers who are availing the Wow services. Wowway is a Colorado-based firm currently operating in more than 19 markets all over the Midwest and Southeast areas. The cable packages are bundled with internet plans including various options.

The standalone cable packages are not available on the website but it is offered every month at a higher price as compared to a bundled package.

Channel selection

The customers can add up different channels according to their choice which includes Showtime, HO, Cinemax, and Starz offered in HD and standard quality. The cable service enables users to enjoy music and various programs as well. The sports lover can get access to different games with the channels like RedZone, NFL Network, BTN2GO, Big Ten Network, and SEC Network with additional fees. Channels vary according to the area such as in Chicagoland area, more than 160 channels are offered with Large TV package, more than 100 channels were offered in the medium TV package and in Indiana, Evansville, more than 90 and 130 channels were offered in medium and large TV package respectively.

Amazing Cable TV features

WOW offers a fast and robust channel lineup with the best features which makes it reliable and competitive with other services. Following are the features for which you can keep your eye:

Free premium channel: the customers prefer to buy a bundle alone with large TV have a choice to select one free premium channel at no cost from the following list such as Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and HBO.

Online TV: Customers will have a channel lineup and option to watch live content from laptops. A good and reliable on-demand entertainment content is available from mobile devices and computers.

DVR options: all of the customers help to add an HD DVR recorder or a standard option that is available in markets at $7 and $14 per month and makes it possible to watch or record at least six shows at $20 per month. An Ultra DVR for two TV sets and an additional DVR allows you to make the WOW option notable at $25 per month and $9 per month.

Check out the WOW TV deals

The TV deals by WOW provides promotional inducements mainly for new customers. People who are switching or moving to different areas can get benefit from WOW TV services and deals. The following are the WOW! Cable deals which you can avail at this moment.

  • The installation is free and available at $50 when any customer order online
  • $200 for the Visa Reward Card for the Prepaid television customers with a bundle of 500 Mbps while customers with a $100 reward card can bundle with an internet plan of 100 Mbps.
  • The large TV package offers one free premium channel.

WOW Cable TV packages

Wide Open West is one of the top internet service providers in United State and it offers just three packages to avail of cable TV service. All of the customers do not need to worry because the names of the package define the capability of the network which are Small cable, medium cable, and large cable network.

  • The package or plan of small cable only offers basics and misses the popular channels which include Fox Sports and Comedy Central. It provides 90 channels to the customer and proves to be a basic cable network service.
  • The medium plan of cable TV offers more than 150 channels and is a reliable upgrade offering Travel channels, SyFy and Nickelodeon. with the medium plan user can avail of premium channels of their choice including Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and HBO.
  • WOW offers the biggest or large cable TV package with an option to select 260 channels. The channels lineup involves VICELAND and NFL Network and a user can select from a premium channel.

TV prices and plan

PackagePriceChannel SelectionContract
Medium TV Package available with 100Mbps internet speed$74.99 per month for 12 months130 plus channelsYes, available with an agreement of 2 year
Large TV Package available with 100Mbps internet speed$89.99 per month for 12 months160 plus with one premium channelYes, available with an agreement of 2 year
Large TV Package available with 500Mbps internet speed$104.99 per month for 12 months160 plus with one premium channelYes, available with an agreement of 2 year  
Large TV Package with 1 GB internet$119.99 per month for at least 12 months160 plus channels with one premium channelYes, available with 2-year agreement

All of the prices mentioned above also include $5 per month and no additional taxes or fees are applied. Every WOW bundle or plan is available with 2 years of the agreement and after 12 months of availability, there will be an increment with a price of $10 per month and after using the service for 24 months, the contract will expire automatically and enables the user to avail the plan again in regular rates. To avail, the modem that is compatible with WOW service extra $10 will be charged.

The standalone cable TV service is quite expensive but along with the internet, including fees and taxes, the cost will be around $74.99 and $119.99 every month.


WOW, Ultra Box proves to be a smart and reliable cable TV option. With the Ultra Box user can achieve or browse through an on-demand library of entertainment content. The box works as a router as well and enables a user to watch Netflix. Ultra-Box is easy to use and possess many functions. It proves to be a reliable option for families.


Internet service is evaluated based on many options but a preferable package or plan needs to be available at a reasonable price with ideal features for a family. So, if overspending is not an option for you, it is best to make an affordable plan and install a WOWway cable package or plan that fits best your needs. the current packages and promotions from WOW are available in every state and price varies according to the speed and usage. Remember that the plan you choose must be capable and won’t cost you much because it is necessary to consider the facts to make a secure choice.