About Us

WOW SPEED TEST is an internet tool. This free tool can help internet users know their internet speed. Independently developed tool shows upload and download speed of an internet connection.

This tool is developed by Web Developers in Lahore for us. We also have many other tools like Etisalat Speed Test and Download Twitter Videos for internet users.

You can also visit our blog to get daily updates about WOW internet packages and reviews about smart gadgets. World is changing and you need to be a part of this. Follow our blog to stay up to date. This blog is created for internet users and the only purpose is to help them. We do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. If you find any content you think should not be on our website, or you think is inappropriate then you can contact us anytime by visiting our contact us page.

If you are using Wide Open West’s internet connection and want to check your internet speed, then go to our homepage and click start, you will have your results in seconds.

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