WOW Speed Test Tool

WOW Speed Test is a free tool to measure your internet speed. Just click start and it will show you your exact download speed and upload speed in seconds. Internet speed test gives the instant report as soon as you click on the GO tab. Data is gathered from the nearest server. The report includes the ping, jitter, download and upload speed, and the server broadband speed. Get to know more about WOW services to avail the best package in the budget.

Are you looking for a reliable cable TV operator, internet, and landline service in the US? Then explore and try the amazing services of Wide-Open West. WOW offers high-end internet, cable, and even landline services in more than 10 states with the largest coverage. It is currently assisting many businesses and houses. If you are still in doubt, try the Charter Speed test. It is the right of every user that either they are getting the optimal service or not.

Why you need a WOW speed test?

The internet cable service offered by WOW varies according to the user requirement. Most of the users experience low internet speed because of several distortions. While main reason is the wiring quality and location. So if you want to know that you are getting the assured internet speed. It is good to take the xfinity speed test which is free and available online. The wowway speed test helps you to know the upload and download speed within a few seconds. The test application is confined to USA users only because WOW services are available to USA citizens only.

WOW Speed Test

Wide Open West

WOW stands for Wide Open West Brand Company that offers broadband, cable, and telephony services offered to all business and residential customers. The company is operating since 1999 and became public during 2017 with the products including video, telephony, and high-speed data. The company has US roots with the headquarters residing in Englewood Colorado, Denver.

Nowadays, the company provides digital services including high-speed internet, HDTV, cable, DVRs, and phone services. The company continues to offer exciting and customized plans for customers. Owned by Avista Capital Partners WOW is a private company. It comprises of friendly and experienced team members that assist to manage a quality and delighting culture at WOW.

Wide Open West Services

The internet service offered by WOW is currently available in more than 10 states. With the internet, they provide TV and phone plans and bundles. They also provide business class service delivered via fiber optic and cable infrastructure in most of the areas.

WOW internet and cable service are popular because of amazing plans, great customer service, and high-end quality. The internet services are great for students and renters. People who do not watch TV but cable bundles are great for families. Especially for people who prefer to watch sports, news channels, and cartoons. WOW also offers landline home phone service and has recently introduced a digital home phone with great features of voicemail and cheap international rates.

WOW Cable Network

The internet network is available on fiber optic and coaxial cable lines. But usually, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial network is utilized to send data by using fiber lines and then switches to coaxial lines when necessary. Coaxial cables are also installed to provide cable TV service to the customers in the neighborhood.

Its cable network is stronger as compared to DSL. Its service is compared with the other popular providers such as AT&T. WOW uses good network architecture by using a coaxial line instead of copper lines. The coaxial cable lines provide good internet speed even during peak hours and constant measures offer improvement in internet speed.

WOW internet service

The internet service by WOW proves to be reliable and best in the US in terms of speed and reliability. Customers can stream high-quality videos and download large HD files in few seconds. The WIFI has powerful strength. And it is good to take an internet speed test to check the upload and download speed.

WOW offers an Eero home WiFI mesh network system. It enables all home members to use the internet everywhere in the house. WOW internet packages are the best internet packages.

Combined internet and cable TV services

With the advancement of technology, service of internet and cable TV covers a large area with a 7.2 million population. The WOW plans cover the area of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and other states. Internet service is available in many areas to offer combined services for cable TV for residential use mainly. Most of the areas are suburban or urban city areas instead of semi-rural areas.


WOW, services including high-speed internet, digital telephony, cable television. And business class customized plans are available for business and residential customers. WOW is famous to provide high speed and reliable internet enabling users to enjoy powerful WiFi strength. You can check the internet speed by taking the WOW speed test.

So, are you ready to stay connected to the world of entertainment?

Frequently Asked Question about WOW Speed Test

What speed is WOW internet?

Internet speed with 25Mbps is considered of very good quality and 5-10Mbps downloading speed of the internet per user is also considered good.

How do I test my speed?

Just go to WOW Speed Test and click start. This automatic tool will start and after few seconds it will show you your download and upload speed.

Does speed test work?

Most of the speed test provided by ISPs are accurate and offer unbiased results. They assist to grade all internet speeds on the same criteria enabling users to know that the connection is running appropriately.

How do I test the speed of my internet?

To run a speed test, you do not need an IT expert or a technician. WOW speed test is available online to perform free internet speed check. To check the internet speed, visit the website and click on GO to get the result. The generated report will show Download, Upload, Ping, or Jitter speed. The result will be displayed within a few seconds. It is wise to connect the PC or laptop with a modem wire to get accurate results.

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