Best internet browsers of 2020

Are you looking for the ultimate speed, customization, and privacy combination in the internet browser? Then determine the best internet browsers of 2020 that make a great difference to experience the best internet. Yes, we know its been several years when you tried a new internet browser. Let us tell you about the latest internet browsers. You will be amazed by its features and great privacy.

Privacy and speed prove to be the biggest concern while choosing an internet browser. Many users demand a good reliable browser according to the system resources while most of the browsers are lightweight. Many reliable browsers offer ultimate security that protects individual identity.

Thus, there are many options and reasons to look in a browser. Go through our broad guide and discover the best internet browsers of 2020.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox wins the list of best internet browsers of 2020. Because of the ultimate power and best privacy offered to the users. Firefox is one of our favorite browsers and particularly amazing with immediate alerts. Because the user’s email address is included to notify the user for any data breach. Irregular and annoying notifications or popups are blocked and fingerprint tracking is also blocked while in Mac version picture in picture video mode is enabled. Thus, it offers exceptional customization options in terms of extensions, plugins, and appearance. As compared to the last versions, the performance of Firefox is improved and smooth.


  • Works on Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows
  • The browser is incredibly flexible
  • Offers good privacy protection
  • Offers cross-platform synchronization
  • Microsoft Edge

It is truly a great browser and windows wanted it to be default browser. But the other ultimate versions of browsers won the heart of many users. Microsoft Edge is the rebuilt version and is considerably fast with great features. It proves to be a great combination of Chrome and Opera with unique add-ons, a stylish start page, ad blockers, password managers, and much more. It offers many customization options including services page and Privacy settings making the site permissions and other settings clear. The browser works more like Chrome and is available on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.


  • Its response time is very fast
  • The privacy tools are clear
  • Sites are downloaded and save as apps

2. Google Chrome

It is believed to be everyone’s favorite internet browser of 2020 because of being a memory muncher. The most flattery adoption makes internet experience very good and it is famous. Because of offering brilliant features including a library of add-ons, sync and support of the cross-platform, tools for web developers, and auto fill features. Even if the user email is compromised, he/she will be notified instantly by the browser. The secure DNS blocks a lot of malicious content such as images, and a script that helps to secure connection. It also supports the VR and AR with the WebXR API. Even the dark mode of Chrome is soothing for eyes.


  • Available for macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS
  • It is expandable
  • Offers speedy and fast performance
  • Cross-platform
  • Opera

Opera proves to be one of the classy browsers of 2020 because of offering great content. The built-in blocker for ads, VPN, in-browser messaging, Crypto Wallet. And the various themes and modes will let you fall in love with it. It is truly an amazing browser with a fast browser, library, and great Opera content. The browser is packed with unique features and one of the widely used desktop internet browser of 2020 that loads fast, integrated with handy battery saving mode and compresses images instantly while loading the page.


  • Available for Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows
  • Exceptional security features
  • Amazing and user-friendly interface
  • Built-in proxy

3. Vivaldi

You might not have heard about Vivaldi but the internet browser is famous among users. Because of tab-stacking and unique docking. It is well known as the brainchild version of the Opera browser because it has some amazingly unique features. Vivaldi offers the best customization options for its users and navigation is great along with stick toolbars, sidebars various color schemes and fonts, bookmarks, notes panel, tabs, and other options.


  • Available for Linux, macOS, Windows and Android version
  • It offers high customization options
  • Users can enjoy various creative and best interface features
  • It supports various Chrome extensions

4. Safari

If you are an Apple or iPhone user, Safari will be the default browser choice. Which is not fast but its performance won’t make you feel sluggish. With the in-house customization options, macOS designed Safari so the users will get good battery life with the specified hardware. Safari merely focuses on providing high-end security and ultimate privacy to its users. Safari on iPhone or mac works seamlessly between platforms. Thus it is not available for download outside the Apple system.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers exceptional security features
  • Page loading is impressive on the Mac system

Final thoughts

If you are facing low browsing it doesnt mean your brwoser is not working properly. It may be due to low internet speed. You should try wowway speed test to check if the reason behind slow browing is internet connection or browser. Web browsers are indeed important software on PC or mobile. Because with the advancement in technology most of the time is spent while working on computers. So it is vital to have the best internet browser of 2020 to do your internet jobs. You can download the browsers manually online after going through the various options and making the ultimate choice.

Happy browsing 2020!


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