Waterproof Smartwatches

Best Waterproof Smartwatches Reviews Based on Specifications

Thinking to style yourself with a new branded waterproof smartwatches? Yes, a wristwatch comes in millions of style, shapes, and colors but have you ever given a thought switching to a smartwatch which will revolutionize your life. Big companies like Huawei, Asus, Google, Samsung, iPhone are taking serious measures to improve the watches to make human life easier. There are many business or professional people who prefer to have a watch with reliable display to show necessary information synced to the phone which makes smartwatches more useful and handy.

To find out the absolute great waterproof smartwatches that assists your life and enables you to stay in style.

Why consider buying a Waterproof Smartwatches?

Smartwatch is the ultimate necessary phone accessory nowadays that beams about vital notifications right on to the display of the watch. It also tracks the fitness, sends and receives messages and calls, and even tells time. Some of the latest models even search different objects with a voice on the internet, protect the user health, track the location and offer smart nudges as well. It is a powerful choice to consider buying a smartwatch because it is a high-end wearable that is attractive, smart and technologically advanced.

waterproof smartwatches

10 best Waterproof Smartwatches

Waterproof Smartwatches does not mean you need to stay confined to notifications on the wrist but the device needs to be intelligent, a great fitness tracker, wallet and also a phone. All of the 10 best smartwatches are ranked based on design, spec, battery, price and the features. So find out which one suits your lifestyle.

1. Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4 is one of the best smartwatches you can consider buying. It was the first gadget whose design was updated and owns great software. With large display and light in weight enables a user to have a premium feel and its also waterproof. The watch also owns a loudspeaker and is embedded with exciting technology to track heart rate. It has great fitness features and works seamlessly with the iPhone.


  • It is great in design
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Great strap options
  • Amazing health and fitness features


  • Demands charge after multiple days
  • The display does not remain on always

2. Apple Watch 3

Company is working tirelessly and has dedicated great gadgets to iPhone lovers. Smartwatch of Apple Series 3 is a great invention that serves a style statement and offers the best features with OLED display. The screen offers a beautiful and bright display. The watch is efficient enough to track fitness activity with the high-end sensors embedded. The fitness and exercise tracking apps work seamlessly that you will love. GPS is versatile and works great while its battery life is long works for 18 hours consecutive. Hence, the performance of Apple Watch 3 is fast, quick and amazingly well.


  • A bright, clear and colorful display
  • Good battery life


  • LTE affects battery timing
  • Siri won’t work for all apps
  • Does not offer LTE roaming

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Want to gain some style with a sporty look Samsung watch? Then the best Galaxy Watch is now available with improved software, amazing features, and best hardware to assist almost every type of professional. It owns a large display with long-lasting battery life. The rotating bezel on the smartwatch makes it more impressive than other watches. Anyone with little technical knowledge can easily understand its interface because it offers great fitness features, sporting activities, and best functionality.


  • It has a very smart and sleek design
  • Amazing fitness sensors
  • Bright, bold and big display


  • Bixby does not work
  • Very few apps

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch active

For Android users, Samsung Galaxy Watch active is a great smartwatch with powerful software, durable hardware, and sleek design. The display of the watch is gorgeous and owns neat detailing. It owns the ability to monitor blood pressure and it is water-resistant as well. The smartwatch is a bit pricey but its features worth the price.


  • Best for Android
  • Good and bright display
  • It is rich with fitness or health-related tracking features


  • Battery life is not so good
  • Very less fitness or health-related apps

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5. Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear watches are smart and dominating because of modern features and sleek design. Gear S3 is everyone’s favorite smartwatch. It owns strong build, pleasing quality, great style and gives a premium feel. You will be amazed to know that Samsung Gear S3 runs on its own Tizen OS. The OS of Samsung Gear S3 is stable and works seamlessly with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It enables users to listen to the Spotify playlist offline. Thus, the watch may look a little big on the wrist but it depends on your choice and style statement.


  • Tracks fitness and exercise activities intelligently
  • Offline Spotify playback
  • The interface is great and user-friendly
  • Best and comfortable wear


  • Very few Tozen supported apps
  • No Bluetooth

6. Skagen Falster 2

One of the most stylish best smartwatch available in the market is Skagen Falster 2. Simple and sleek design, great build quality and with extreme finishing will let you fall in love with this great piece of technology. Skagen is a Danish watch brand and its three-button layout is amazingly great. The rotating crown enables a user to scroll through OS seamlessly without the need to touch the screen. Its body is made up of stainless steel and straps are available in metal, leather or in silicone in different colors. Hence, it is one of the best waterproof watcheses, owns great fitness activity tracker, also monitors heart rate, NFC embedded and much more.


  • Attractive design
  • Great quality
  • Owns built-in NFC and GPS


  • Little bit expensive
  • Battery life is limited

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7. Huawei Watch GT

Looking for a smartwatch with basic features? There is no better option than Huawei Watch GT. It’s a perfect combo of fitness tracker and a great stylish smartwatch with a high-resolution display. It features basic apps such as messages, calls or calendar. The main focus of Huawei Watch GT is to offer great activity tracking that improves the lifestyle of an individual. The watch also monitors the exercise activity, GPS and heart rate proves to be the best appeal for fitness people. Its long battery life is impressive and can last for 30 days which means you need to recharge it 12 times a year.


  • Great battery life
  • Good but basic operating system
  • Bright and bug display


  • Very few fitness apps

8. Fossil sport

For a sporty look, it is an ultimate choice for all Android users. The compact, light and attractive watch is the best premium smartwatch available nowadays. It owns a smart OS with Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip that improves the user experience. Fossil sport can track the location of the wearer via GPS. Users can download apps according to their needs and requirement. Thus, the battery life can last up to two days.


  • Affordable
  • Owns sporty and attractive design
  • Silicon band is comfortable to wear


  • OS owns some bugs
  • The battery needs a recharge after a day

9. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

The athletes and sportsmen remain concerned about the waterproof smartwatches because they want something with a minimal design offering great output. Motorola Moto 360 Sport watch is perfect for sporty people. It is ideal for people who always remain active and enjoy sports. It is embedded with good features and is prominent because of minimalistic design. Motorola introduced the feature of AnyLight display in which watch has a standard display under the normal light or when it is actively used but the screens turn into a transflective display when the watch gets idle or face any direct light. However, its battery life is not as much efficient as compared to other smartwatches but will last for an entire day.


  • Practical and simple design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The high-end technology piece


  • Limited battery life
  • Does not support multi-sport tracking

10. Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus smartphones are not up to the latest market standard but its ZenWatch series worth every penny you pay. There is no doubt that Asus hardware is classy and durable. All of its designs are simple and intuitive. Similarly, the ZenWatch 3 owns amazing style elements with comfort to wear for long hours. Its display is beautiful, bright and big and is an AMOLED screen. This watch also supports 4G wireless connectivity and you can do wow wifi speed run to check your 4G speed. Its overall construction and build is high quality because 316L steel is used for high-end durability. Watch has 2.5D Gorilla Corning Glass which makes it resistant to scuff marks and scratches. Even its battery life is decent and can be used for 2 days. The features include sensors and fitness trackers.


  • Amazing build
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good battery life
  • Great display


  • Charging dock looks cheap
  • Few fitness tracking apps


Indeed, professionals won’t love expensive gadgets but they won’t select standard waterproof smartwatches to track fitness activities. These top 10 best smartwatches are uniquely designed and offer great pleasure for people who want to stay on the healthy track always. If we have missed any of the best smartwatches let us know so we will review and add it in our list.


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