Top internet Service providers in the United States

is choosing a reliable, high, and top internet service provider in the United States is an overwhelming situation? Then definitely yes, we have done detailed research for you that will simplify and enables you to select the best internet speed service provider in the US for business or home. ISPs are compared based on features, speeds, expert ratings, pricing options, deals. And customer reviews to find which service suits best to your needs and works exceptionally for you. There are more than 1000 internet service providers available in the US database. But it is difficult to find a good match so with the reliable statistics. Below are the national internet service provides that will help you.

To find the best and top internet service providers in the USA. We have analyzed and reviewed the speed and price of different internet plans also considering the consumer and professional reviews.

1. Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Internet service is available in more than 41 states all over the US. And there might be chances Comcast Xfinity services will be in your area. The internet speed range of Xfinity is 15Mbps to 2 Gbps with monthly packages or plans. It surely offers great bundles and plans at reasonable costs. The Xfinity customers can subscribe to Xfinity Mobiles with unlimited text, talk, and data for just $45 per month. It proves to be exceptional for limited plans. The customer service is consistent and reliable.

2. AT&T

 AT&T is one of the reliable and oldest companies in the United States that offer simple and cheap plans including Internet 100 offering speed up to 100Mbps and 1000 mean 1 Gbps. The faster plan offered by AT&T uses the fiber optic internet. Even the subscription of plans above 25Mbps can be done through Prepaid Mastercard. Currently, the company is serving more than 15.7 million people with its reliable broadband internet and more than 3.1 million people with fiber-optic service. Usually, all of the AT&T plans are available with a 1TB data cap.

AT&T offer bundle plans with TV, DirectTV, and wireless AT&T service to save the internet and money.

3. Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is one of the best internet service providers in the United States offering only one internet plan with a connection of starting speed 100Mbps and a modem with no data caps. Users can avail of the connection speed according to their needs and budget. It usually offers free antivirus software and a free modem.

Charter Spectrum does not provide good customer service and proves to be inflexible regarding fast speed and if you do not demand extras.

4. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a renowned service and has provided fiber internet to homes. It has kept only three plans with the speed 200Mbps, 400Mbps and 940Mbps. All of the plans offer great bonuses for a limited time. There is no doubt Fios offers good service, competitive pricing for plans, and reliable internet. It offers the best customer satisfaction. There are many bundles offered by Fios but the internet service struggles with availability.

5. HughesNet

It is the top internet satellite service that offers 25Mbps speed with every internet plan. It enables users to choose a data plan according to their requirements but many customers demand 10GB, 20GB,30GB, and 50GB data every month. When the data allotment gets finished, the speed will show to 1Mbps to 3 Mbps making the internet slow even for basic browsing. HughesNet provides an app to assist users to manage various services and track the details of data usage.

The satellite internet service is virtually available everywhere and providing its service to more than 308.7 million people in around 50 states. Which is more than any internet service provider in the country. it means HughesNet is surely a great option offering the internet no matter where you live. It proves to be reliable for rural areas especially where internet connection is not available.

6. CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a cheap internet option which offers a great bundling option with tempting TV subscriptions. The internet plans start from 100 Mbps. The service of CenturyLink is reliable but it relies on the location. It might be possible you will experience slow or inconsistent internet service depending on the location. In most areas, you may not have access to maximum speed and customer service will also be poor.

7. Optimum

In terms of speed, Optimum offers the best speed and robust internet service. Optimum is now owned by Altice telecommunication and offers ideal plans with a starting speed of 20Mbps tp 400 Mbps at affordable rates and great service. Recently the pricing and costs of the plans offered by optimum have seen a rise but its availability is limited to many areas. If you are a resident of New Jersey, Connecticut, or New York or near Northeast Pennsylvania, it is hard to find Optimum service near you.

8. Frontier

Frontier is known as the top but cheap internet service with the great plans. And best speed to browse internet or stream videos of your choice. Users will experience internet issues when multiple devices will use the internet at the same time if the plan is limited. There are no contract options to avail of the plans and features. Moreover, Frontier offers contract plans with a two-year locked price so the rates will not change until unless you get a warning.

The internet service is available in more than 29 states and the DSL internet is widely available and in Pacific Northwest, fiber-optic internet is also found. The coverage of Frontier internet is strong with the areas Rochester, Tampa, Long Beach, Saint Petersburg, Durham, Lakeland, Fort Wayne, and states like Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.  

9. Wide Open West (WOW)

Wide Open West known as WOW is the 6th largest internet service provider in United State of America. WOW offers broadband internet, landline telephone and cable tv services. Wide Open West has also introduced wow speed test for its internet subscribers to check their download and upload speed. WOW is operating in US since 1996.

Features to consider

Selecting the top internet service providers in the United States depends on the priority, household or business needs, budget, and the speed that enables users to evaluate the nationwide popular providers based on features. The following are the necessary features to consider while making a wise choice.

  • Speed: a reliable internet speed determines the reliability and performance of the user. Internet should be available at high speed whenever you need it. And it must be fast to keep up all the online activities without any distortion.
  • Reliability: The reliability of the internet is the necessary factor especially when you need it most for the work. Reliability in terms of customer service, performance, and stability ensures a high-quality internet speed provider.
  • Cost: internet plans and broadband costs must be reasonable. Look for a service with a reasonable plan and offering customers great benefits.
  • Customer service: most of the internet providers have a good reputation for providing great customer service. While others have a bad reputation with frustrating calls, bad service interruptions, or billing matters. The good internet provider keeps track of its customers and related issues.

Types of internet service providers

The following are the types of internet service providers who offer services and plans according to the connection type they use.


As compared to the old dial-up, the Digital Subscriber Line works more efficiently similar to a phone line. It is fast in performance and proves to be a reliable option because of offering high broadband speed. It is cheaper as compared to other latest technologies including fiber.


  • It is very affordable
  • Offers affordable internet packages
  • The service of DSL is available widely


  • The top speed is limited
  • It provides low uploading internet speed


The coaxial cable is used for cable internet service which delivers through cable network making TV bundle easy to access in a reasonable process. The cable network owns the capability to deliver fast speed internet service. And is available for wide areas enabling you to experience slow internet mainly during the peak time.


  • It offers fast internet downloading speed
  • Available for wide areas


  • It is available with limited uploading speed
  • Due to high traffic, slow internet speed will be experienced at peak hours


Fiber optic is the latest and innovative technology to experience fast internet service. For a quick and seamless experience, the internet is transferred in the form of a flashlight through the glass fibers to exchange digital information. It enables users to experience superfast internet downloading and uploading speed. Because fiber allows a signal to travel at the light speed but the availability is confined because of expensive fiber infrastructure.


  • It offers ultrafast downloading speed
  • Phenomenal uploading speed


  • Limited Connections
  • Fiber optic is an expensive method


Satellite internet utilizes transmitters that orbit the Earth to beam signals to the users on the ground. It is available for very large coverage and owns the capability to handle broadband speeds making it a reliable option for rural areas. Long-distance transmission often creates distortion or lagging.

The ISPs using satellite internet service includes Project Kuiper, OneWeb, and Starlink that have lower orbits but fast speeds as compared to other internet service provider.


  • It is widely available
  • Customer service is very reliable


  • Lagging cannot be avoided
  • Data restrictions

Fixed Wireless

This internet services are operated over radio waves by sending wireless signals to an antenna set up at the destination whether office or home. The emerging technology is still under development. Because it cannot be readily available in wide areas but AT&T and Verizon have started offering it in major cities.


  • It offers a fast downloading speed
  • The technology is a high end


  • The technology is still under development
  • Hard to get


The search for top internet service providers in the United States is surely complicated. But it is uncommon that people will have one ISP in the area so ISP depends on the availability of companies in specific areas. We have narrowed the list for our internet users. So that they can avail of the best internet service in their area. Happy browsing!


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