Why My Internet is Slow? 6 Reasons

The long opening of sites, freezing of online video, low speed of downloading files, problems in online games, crashes during Skype video chatting – these and similar things must be encountered during a slow Internet connection. You can run an internet speed test to check the speed of your connection. Some free tools allow you to test your wow internet upload speed.

In this regard, users often have a question: why is the Internet speed low? How can this problem be solved in some cases?

The reasons that may have a consequence of the fall in the speed of the Internet, consider the following plans:

  • Peak hours
  • Equipment of internet provider
  • Number of Wi-Fi users
  • Wi-Fi coverage
  • Computer or mobile device processor
  • Programs

1. Peak hours

Slow Internet speed is a natural process during peak hours when a huge number of users connect to the provider’s network.

2. Equipment of Internet provider

The reason for the slow Internet speed can be the exhausted resource of the network equipment of the provider.

3. Number of Wi-Fi users

No matter how powerful the equipment is, providing a Wi-Fi access point in a home or public place will slow down the speed.

4. Wi-Fi coverage

Each router is designed for a specific radius of the Wi-Fi zone. It will be better to place the router on an uncluttered surface and higher.

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5. Computer or Mobile device processor

The Internet connection is mostly dependent on network equipment, but sometimes the reason for low Internet speed can be a weak computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone processor.

6. Programs

Reduced Internet speed may be caused by the activity of applications on the computer that works with the network.These are programs running in the background. For example, in the “background” can be run:

  • Skype,
  • Messengers,
  • Software torrent clients,
  • Programs for saving Internet traffic, for its analysis, etc.,

There can be many reasons of slow internet. You just need to find the problem and fix it. If you want to ask a question or have any suggestion, than you can comment below, thank you