WOW Internet Packages

WOW Internet Packages

WOW internet packages, all you need to know about best and amazing WOWWAY internet and TV packages and activation in just single click. WOW! internet, formerly Wide Open West, is a prominent regional cable internet service provider. WOW offers coverage in selected markets across nine states in the Midwest and southern regions of the United States. Their services cater to over seven million customers.

WOW Internet Packages

WOW Internet Bundles

Although WOW! doesn’t provide TV plans directly, it collaborates with various live TV streaming services to offer internet and TV bundles. Customers can include YouTube TV, FuboTV, Sling TV, or Philo TV to any WOW! Internet plan.

Customers can save money by bundling WOW Internet, Cable TV, and Home Phone services. WOW! Internet boasts high speeds of up to 1 Gig and offers features like Home WiFi and Email. WOW! TV plans provide access to the latest channels and premium programming options, including OnDemand. With WOW internet cable Phone, customers can enjoy a reliable connection to make nationwide calls. While benefiting from convenient Phone Features.

Is Wow Internet Good?

  • Fast Speed: WOW internet service offers impressive speeds comparable to those of major national providers, reaching download speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps.
  • Customized Services: Additionally, customers can customize their WiFi service, which includes built-in WiFi with modem rental or upgrade to premium WiFi service and add WiFi extenders as necessary.
  • Wow Internet Customer Service – WOW! Prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you have questions about products, services, or billing, their team of experts is readily available to provide smooth and seamless assistance. In fact, WOW! goes above and beyond to resolve any customer-related issues, ensuring complete satisfaction. The company has developed multiple connectivity channels so customers can reach out anytime for help.

Wow Internet Packages

Wow! offers a range of Internet Packages to suit different needs.

  • The Basic package provides internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps and costs $19.99 monthly.
  • The Family package offers internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps and costs $29.99 monthly.
  • The Heavy Activity package provides speeds of up to 500 Mbps for heavy internet users and costs $44.99 per month.
  • If you need exceptional connectivity and lightning-fast speeds, the Internet 1 Gig package delivers up to 1 Gbps for $64.99 monthly.
  • The Unlimited package provides the fastest speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps and costs $94.99 per month, making it perfect for large households or heavy usage.

WOW! Internet Speed

WOW! offers unlimited data and promises to give the users a high-speed internet service. 

The download speeds of WOW internet range from 100 to 1,000 Mbps. WOW offers the fast internet speeds that it promises while promoting their services. If you have any problems with the WOW internet service, you can always get in touch with the customer support team, and they will fix the issue for you. You can do wow internet speed test to check the download and upload speed.

WOW Internet Plan for Your Home

Although the availability of WOW speed tiers may vary by service area, you can be confident that each standalone plan and bundled package is competitively priced and provides excellent value for your money. Regardless of your needs and budget, there is a WOW internet plan or package that will meet your requirements.

For small families who do not require extensive internet usage, the 100 Mbps plan may be the perfect fit, allowing up to four devices to connect and providing seamless web browsing, social media scrolling, and light streaming and gaming.

On the other hand, if your small family consists of avid streamers or gamers, or if you have children attending school online, we recommend upgrading to the 200 Mbps WOW internet plan. This higher speed will ensure that everyone remains connected without interruptions, even when using multiple devices simultaneously.

If you have a mid-sized to a large household with multiple family members working from home or studying online while streaming TV shows or playing competitive games in their free time, the 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps plan from WOW! Internet can be the perfect solution.

These plans offer excellent speeds to ensure that all your devices remain connected without lag. In addition, you can conveniently connect your smart home devices to your in-home WiFi network.


WOW! is the top cable internet provider, one of the best overall customer satisfaction, and has high rankings. If fibre internet is unavailable in your area, WOW!’s cable internet is an excellent choice for most individuals. Despite price increases in the second year, all of its plans are reasonably priced. And its associated fees are lower than average.

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With WOW!, you won’t have to compromise on speed either. As even its cheapest plan offers 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed, sufficient for 1-2 people with light usage. If you require more bandwidth, you can opt for up to 1.2 Gig of download speed, typically the highest offered by internet providers.

People Also Ask

How much does it cost for wow internet services?

WOW! offers a remarkably affordable plan with 50 Mbps speed for only $9.99 per month during the first year, with a $10 per month discount for enrolling in autopay and paperless billing. The prices for faster speeds increase slightly after the initial year. Additionally, WOW! levies a $14 monthly fee for modem rental, but customers who opt for the 1.2 gig plan can enjoy a waived rental fee.

Are WOW and Xfinity the same thing?

In the United States, Xfinity and WOW! are two prominent cable internet service providers offering impressive download speeds that compete with fibre-optic networks. Xfinity stands out for its diverse selection of TV plans and packages, catering to traditional TV viewers who also require internet connectivity. On the other hand, WOW! offers contract-free plans with unlimited data for customers residing in its service areas. Both providers are formidable options to consider for obtaining top-quality internet service.

What is WOW Internet called now?

Wow internet is now officially called Breezeline.

How much is WOW cable a month?

WOW offers bundled cable TV and high-speed internet packages, which include:

Small TV + Internet: This package features 80+ maximum channel count with HD programming and a maximum download speed of 1 Gbps. It costs $94.99 per month.

Medium TV + Internet: This package offers 130+ maximum channel count with HD programming and a maximum download speed of 200 Mbps. It costs $119.99 per month.

Large TV + Internet: This package provides 160+ maximum channel count with HD programming and a maximum download speed of 500 Mbps. It costs $154.99 per month.

By bundling WOW internet and tv packages, customers can enjoy a range of programming options at a discounted rate.

What is the maximum speed of WOW’s fastest internet connection?

WOW currently provides Fiber-powered cable broadband with speeds up to 1.2 Gbps in specific regions, although it has yet to be widely available. WOW’s 1 Gig Internet service is more commonly accessible, allowing you to connect numerous devices. And engage in any online activities you enjoy.

Is it possible to self-install WOW! Internet?

Yes, every WOW! internet plan includes a self-installation kit. However, if you prefer professional installation by WOW!, there may be a fee of $50.

Why is my Wow internet down?

A WOW slow internet connection may be caused by technical difficulties or unscheduled maintenance experienced by your ISP. Additionally, high network traffic could affect your internet speeds, which are further limited by shared and limited bandwidth.